Packing for Bonnaroo

I’m 30 lbs. thinner than this time last year. (Thanks to Weight Watchers and willpower.) That means, I’m hitting Bonnaroo with a whole heck of a lot less flesh and a heck of a lot more confidence. And by confidence I mean lack of self-loathing. So, with this being my fifth year of Bonnaroo attendance, I’m more excited than ever about festival wear. My go-to idol for festival apparel is Kate Moss. As such, I was planning on rocking my beloved fringe Minnetonka boots, but my husband informed me that Miss Moss wore hers to Glastonbury, which is blessed with considerably cooler temperatures than Bonnaroo. For that reason, I’m bringing my “shit-kicking” brown boots instead. They oughta hold up to all the mud around the porta-potties.

Here are some of the other things I’m packing:

How adorable is this bow-tie tee shirt? To me, it looks so Anthroplog-etic, but I found it in user LizzyBrooke’s shop for only $20! In fact, the shirt she had on her site wasn’t my size so I custom ordered the correct size and only 5 days later, it arrived in my mailbox, just as cute as a button!

Handmade Bow Tie Tee from Etsy

Handmade Bow Tie Tee from Etsy

I’m also taking along one of Kate Moss’ Top Shop dresses from her Fall 2008 collection. She modeled it herself in an early campaign. It was a recent eBay score of mine and I love it so much.

Kate Moss TopShop bird print dress

Kate Moss TopShop bird print dress


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