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Miracle Beauty Product? Moroccan Oil
June 10, 2009

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil

Besides the fact that it just sounds so damn hippie chic, like a miracle balm that Kate Hudson’s Almost Famous character would bathe in, Moroccan Oil turned out to be my favorite beauty product of ’08. At first I couldn’t find it anywhere in Nashville and had to order it online but now it’s everywhere — at Cosmetic Market and Therapy Systems (at the Mall at Green Hills). It’s also in the pages of every fashion magazine I pick up; Salma Hayek’s stylist recently used it to style her mane for an InStyle cover and Lucky featured it. Because of this product, I no longer have to use conditioner. I just shampoo and then, out of the shower, dab a dime-sized amount through my hair and let it air dry. I get soft waves with no frizz. Plus, it smells just like it sounds — incense-y, earthy and exotic. You’ll feel like a Moroccan princess!

Has anyone tried either of the Moroccan Oil hair masks or other styling products?