What I Got: Studded Ballet Slippers
June 9, 2009


Studded Ballet Slippers from Bonadrag.com

I’d had my eye on these studded ballet slippers from bonadrag.com for over a year. But when my favorite girly girl magazine, Lucky, featured them in their April issue, I took it as a sign from the fashion gods. I had to have them. I’m now the proud owner of these rose petal pink Capezio ballet slippers, adorned with rocker chic studs and priced at only $48. I’m a little worried about how fast they might wear out, with their delicate soles, but really it’s their delicacy that makes them so delicious in the first place! By the way, I recommend poking around bonadrag.com if you have a moment. It’s got a great collection of little-known designers, imaginative pieces and there’s always a fantastic sale going on!